NETcasters Tech-Systems
Participate in the renewal, improvement and adoption of ideas.
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What we do:
   We are change agents.  We help business
   teams identify the resources and procedures
   required to form, improve and adopt ideas.
How we do it:
   We have the experience required to leverage
   new and existing technologies
, but we believe
   these systems serve only a supporting role in
   business.  Our most important service lies in
   our ability to focus on innovation as a process --
   developing the team skill sets which keep
   people motivated, engaged, productive and
Why we do it:
   Collaborating with innovative business teams is
   a great way to build rewarding relationships and
   successful businesses.  We believe healthy
   businesses build healthy communities.

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StudeeoV Logo

StudeeoV is the studio and publishing division responsible for the branding currently in use by all four operating divisions of NETcasters LLC.  StudeeoV is also the exclusive publisher of the works of Jane Milton, children's book author and illustrator.
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Many business teams have the capacity to generate innovative ideas, but few businesses have the formal processes in place to cultivate, qualify and manage those ideas as an ongoing part of the business culture.  Licking The Frog provides multimedia presentations and training focused on developing those procedures.
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